Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mens marriage bands - Should a person Wear One or Not?

( Note that mens marriage bands and mens wedding bands are interchangeable, both meaning a similar thing.

It became the custom for US infantrymen going to war to publicise their marital standing by the wearing of a man's ring.

Today it is as common for a recently married man to wear a ring as not. And his other half may regard it as a condition of the wedding that he do so. In traditional times brides wore bright coloured wedding ensembles to signal their joy. White for western brides did not become trendy till Queen Victoria wore it at her marriage to indicate her standing. Marriage bands made from hemp or platted grass were the earliest rings. Finally though , the wearing of a men's ring is only one of many decisions the person will have to make when he makes the dedication to marry. This is said to be the finger nearest to the heart. It is more common for the man's marriage ring to be broader than the woman's. This is as men's hands and women's hands are dissimilar. Here is a excellent article about rent wedding linens

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