Sunday, May 16, 2010

Your Best isn't For Saving.

Your Best isn't For Saving My mother-in-law received a collection of sterling silver flatware as a marriage present.

On vacations and family birthdays, she employed the everyday immaculate. She said that she was saving the sterling for "best. Then she moved the wooden box down from the cupboard and put it on the counter next to the kitchen table. Besides enjoying her gorgeous sterling silver each day, Carolyn's mummy gained another benefit from her decision. She no longer had to shine tainted silver. Each fiber of my being somehow has music attached to it. I loved singing the bride and groom's special songs and somehow added to their day. I loved having to be upbeat and "on " even on those days when I felt "off". It is about enjoying what you have in the present time. Wedding linens new. If you do not use it now, when will you? As an exercise in profusion thinking, go thru your house and find three items you are saving for "best. Using the very best in You And after you find 3 material things, then you could ask another question.

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