Friday, August 19, 2011

The Marriage Aisle - Who is Walking You Down it?

Selecting who should walk up the aisle with you isn't as straightforward at it's been during the past. Nowadays, between family tensions, having divorced folks and just desiring to be independent has changed this custom.

Some have their mummy and pa both walks them up the aisle, so that they can both dump them. For some brides, this is a technique to include her ma in the procedure.

Another thing that's getting more well-liked is the groom meeting the bride halfway. Again, it may appear unacceptable to some firm traditionalists, but who's paying up for the marriage?

Some brides opt to have only their mums walk them up the aisle. A test run may help you, but it's not the same as the genuine thing. Everyone is "ahhing" you, your fianc is taking a look at you as if he is seeing an angel from heaven and you are happy on top of all that. And if you are like me, and you had to foot your own bill, then you definitely need to keep costs down. But my marriage is evidence that it can be done, and this is how. But unless you are at a non-profit ( which hopefully you are if you followed step one ), then this is highly dear. If you buy it thru your rental hall at retail price, you'll be paying thru the nose. She may select her uncle, bro, godfather maybe a best friend of her dad to "represent" him.
This is a nice piece on the theme of cheap linens for weddings

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