Monday, November 5, 2012

The Hymnal and the Demise of Pop Music.

Music history classes are often about dead white men who wrote music over one hundred years back. Thats why it took me by surprise when a graduate level course in music history that I took rambled into a debate on the subject of preferred music. Far more stunning was the statement manufactured by our professor - Pop Music is Dead. The majority of my listening occurs in the vehicle, and my commute is short, I cant stand listening to only half a piano concerto on my way to work. Technology has opened the door to an even bigger audience, giving independent musicians an opportunity to compete without the prerequisite of contracts with gigantic record labels. His speculation is that pop music is meant to have a short life-span. I do not agree with him completely, but understand his standpoint. I direct choirs at a public college, and face the difficulty of having normal songs box in my concerts. The Zombie Princess Take one of the classic princess get ups, add some rips an d shreds to the dress and then go loopy with makeup. If last years princess costume has worsen for wear, this is the best way to re use it.

The Soldier Princess These princess get ups can be done in 2 ways - either take your classic princess costume and add in a blade or a battle-axe, or take your inspiration from Queen Boadicea of the Celts, and wear battle armor with war paint and a unfriendly expression. For group princess outfits, have everybody pick their fave princess and you can go out as Disneys heros. Have half your hair fantastically coiffed and the other half in disarray. It's now feasible to publish something that's right away accessible world wide at a small slice of the cost it takes to print a single version of a local paper. Changes like this cant help but influence the way in which the church does things. Some sing only hymns, some sing a mixture of hymns and more recent praise & worship choruses. There are so very many alternative approa ches that one size does not fit all any more. Do we publish another complete, solid, and pricey hymnal? Do we publish a less expensive version that'll be replaced more frequently, making updates simpler? Do we put all of it online, making allowance for immediate updating? Its going to be awhile before there's a deal on this issue. My feeling is that change for the better is usually welcome. Click now to get stories on wedding linens com. No, my conventionalist pals, holy music is still fit and healthy whether we ever print another physical hymnal or not.

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