Sunday, May 10, 2009

Earrings Thru Time.

Earrings I think of them as the last touch to your look. Learn more on the subject of linen napkins for weddings. There are earrings for every purpose the board room, work, casual outings, your marriage, a night on the tiles, or a day at the beach. They can bring out your softer female side, the attractive goddess, or present straightforward charm, class and style From Elizabeth Taylor to Meg Ryan to Dave Navarro to Usher today earrings are a fashion statement for both women and men. Earrings come in every type of materials and metals. What ever your wants there's a pair of earrings out there waiting for you. The oldest earrings ever revealed by archaeologists were discovered in Iraq in the royal graves and date to about 2,500 BC. These kind of piercings and earrings are seen even on King Tutankhamen. In the Dark Ages misery overcame and metal jewellery sharply dropped though designs were saved for later use. In the Roman Empire wealthy girls used earrings to show off their rich standing.

During the 16th century in Italy high collars vanished and hair was being worn up and away from the face, so earrings started to resurface. In other parts of the planet like England and France it might be another one hundred years or so before the high collars vanished. In Jewish law, an oral announcement isn't really enough to get married. According to Jewish law, a formal, physical consecration must be made. Often this is done with the giving of a Jewish marriage ring, however in traditional times, it was only something of valuewith the minimum worth of what's now a penny. Don't worryI know you will not be that inexpensive. : ) The ring must be of solid uninterupted gold with no holes breaking the circle. Many rings can even now be totally customised with lots of different Hebrew phrases, or even the couple's names either inscribed or raised within the band. However, the web has proved to be a large advantage for buyers. Low overhead and enormous online demand have driven costs for pricey Jewish Marriage Rings that used to go for $800-1000 down into the $320-600 range, depending on 14k or eighteen gold, ring size, for example. Look for merchants with these kinds of price ranges. Anything higher is the vendor making large profits - off potential buyers. This permitted the light to pass thru the gems augmenting their color and brilliance. In the 1930s the clip on was invented.

By the 1970s we had entered an "everything goes" style to earrings and pierced ears had returned.

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